VMware Cloud on AWS

Access Cloud Native AWS Services with VMware

VMWare on AWS 1

Gain the flexibility and speed your business applications need without the change required to go all cloud native

Does your business want to take advantage of Cloud services but is not ready to refactor and modernize your applications? Do you need to scale your data center or refresh your hardware? VMware Cloud on AWS opens the doors to Cloud, extending your data center to AWS through seamless integration, delivering the value without having to train and retool your team.

Speak to an Onica expert about VMware on AWS to discover how a hybrid cloud solution can help you:

  • Quickly build and test new applications
  • Modernize existing applications to maintain or gain a competitive edge
  • Deliver dynamic capacity for high-churn environments
  • Respond to change faster for operational improvement
  • Optimize costs to reduce data center footprint or shift to a subscription model