DevOps + Transformation

Accelerate your business by adopting a DevOps mindset

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DevOps Technology – Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • CI/CD approach enables efficiency in the building and deployment of applications
  • Automated application deployment allows for rapid release with minimal downtime
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing simplifies planning for application scaling and infrastructure needs


DevOps Mindset – Organizational Enablement

  • Creating an organizational DevOps process improves collaboration between teams
  • Internal training creates a DevOps culture, which transforms the way the organization works
  • Organizational change transforms production workflows and criteria for application deployment

True DevOps

Unite teams to support continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines through optimized processes and automation.

Custom-Built Framework

Configure automation tools from both AWS and partner providers to update your infrastructure with minimal hands-on engineering.

Security Automation

Encrypt data everywhere, easily and affordably. Leverage AWS architecture that’s built for the most security-sensitive organizations.

Operational Efficiencies

Automate infrastructure builds and deployment to get more cloud benefits while freeing up resources and time for your IT team.

Agile Deployment

Allow for the continuous deployment of new infrastructure within minutes, accelerating time-to-market and avoiding failed deployments.

Training & Enablement

We do the training, show you how it works, and embed ourselves alongside your team to ensure your cultural transformation is a success.

Getting started with DevOps on AWS

A DevOps transformation requires the adoption of DevOps technology (automation and tooling) and a DevOps mindset (people, processes, and culture). It’s leveraging this winning combination of state-of-the art tools and best practices that help businesses decrease costs, improve agility, become more efficient, and go to market faster. Discover what it takes to successfully plan and implement DevOps in your organization by getting in touch with one of our transformation specialists to learn more!

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Accelerating DevOps with AWS


Now eHarmony DevOps Engineers can spin up multiple runways in parallel, provisioning is faster, productivity has gone up, they can scale up and down, and costs are more manageable.

One of the challenges eHarmony faced with their current development environments was with what they called ‘runways.’ When they built new systems and services, before they deployed them into production, they deployed them to a runway. This allowed them to put all of their systems together and test them in an integrated fashion, which would signal if something was ready for takeoff. If things went well on a runway, they were pretty confident that they’d go well in production.

There were discussions around potentially using the cloud to augment eHarmony’s runway infrastructure. It was a learning process for them and they needed a reliable partner to lean on for guidance, that’s where Onica came in, worked beside their engineers, and enabled their internal operations team.