AWS Storage Solutions

Secure Your Data in the AWS Cloud

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AWS Storage Solutions

Onica has vast experience helping customers effectively store data in the AWS Cloud, creating seamless storage across their cloud and on-premises environments to support business continuity. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we leverage cloud storage products and solutions that are pre-qualified by the AWS Partner Competency Program including backup, cloud NAS, archiving, disaster recovery, and file transfer. Contact us to learn more about storing your data in AWS.


Leverage Amazon S3 for data backup solutions


Leverage Amazon Glacier for cost-effective long-term data backup

Primary Storage

File, block, object, & stream data formats to on-premises storage


Utilize AWS for RTO & RPO recovery strategies

AWS Storage Partners

CloudBerry Backup

Advanced Event Systems’ .NET development team creates the infrastructure and software modules that empower their online registration, hotel management, scheduling services, and results tracking web applications. They worked with Onica to help automate their .NET applications on AWS.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

Five-minute install and simple to operate with one-click failover, enabling recovery from downtime in minutes, with support for any physical, virtual, or cloud-based machines. CloudEndure creates an exact up-to-date replica for any source workload, and fully converts it to AWS format within minutes.